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What Causes Acid Reflux

There are various things that may contribute to or cause acid reflux. Some contributors, like diet and lifestyle, are completely within your control. Unfortunately, some of the most common causes of acid reflux, such as age, are unavoidable. Below are some of the most common causes for acid reflux and heartburn:

· Age

As you get older, the levels of HCL (Hydrochloric) acid in your stomach naturally begin to decrease. Your body needs a certain amount of this acid to properly digest the foods that you eat and control levels of bacteria in your stomach. Gases are created as food sits in your stomach, and these gases push the contents of your stomach up into your esophagus and throat.

This is essentially what acid reflux is, and this can lead to heartburn, gas and regurgitation, but the Stops Acid Reflux natural remedy is actually able to reverse this process by adding acidity to your stomach. Many pharmaceutical companies would have you believe that antacids and medications that further decrease the amount of acid in your stomach are the best way to deal with acid reflux, but a large amount of common acid reflux cases are actually caused by a lack of acid.

· Diet

The things that you eat or drink can worsen reflux in many individuals. Coffee, tea, alcohol, caffeine, greasy snack foods, deep fried food, processed meats, dairy products, peanut butter, peppers, tomatoes and many other spicy or greasy foods can intensify or set off acid reflux and heartburn. Be sure to always drink a tall glass of water after every meal to help your body digest, and avoid lying down or sleeping after eating.

· Lifestyle/Weight

Exercising on a regular basis is a very important part of healthy digestion.  Taking a brisk walk after eating a heavy lunch or breakfast can help the food to go down quicker and lessen your chances of experiencing acid reflux. Being overweight will put you at a greater risk for heartburn and acid reflux, so be sure to maintain a healthy weight. You should also avoid over-eating or eating too fast, and always keep your body upright for at least 3 hours after a meal. Laying on your left side or propping your upper body up while sleeping can also help with digestion by keeping your stomach below your esophagus.

· Smoking

There are a number of ways that smoking can contribute to acid reflux. Smoking can decrease your salivation levels and make it more difficult to properly digest, as well is increase the levels of acid secretion in your body. Smoking can also impair your muscle reflexes and reduce the functionality of your LES muscle. In addition to all of this, smoking will also cause damage to your mucus membranes and intensify heartburn.

The Stops Acid Reflux product is a natural remedy that is able to eliminate the uncomfortable and sometimes painful symptoms that appear as a result of common acid reflux and heartburn, but not all acid reflux is common acid reflux. Consult your doctor if you experience increasingly painful heartburn or reflux for any extended period of time.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA.



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